When You Feel You Need More...

Complex case inevitably present themselves to clinicians. The complex patterns in Orofacialmyofunctional disorders (OMD's) related to movement patterns and postures of the facemouth, lips, or jaw are often not well-recognized or understood. Mary Billings has been treatingclients, lecturing, and mentoring other healthcare professional about the impact of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders since 2007.

As the IAOM's first Mentoring Chair, 
Mary built a strong network in the discipline in an effort to offer provide clear advice to clinicians who often became "stuck" in their therapeutic plans. As a business owner of 25+ years, her vast experience in treating clients of all ages and varying disorders with OMD's added a degree of experience and depth not broadly seen in the field.

After many years of receiving private requests requests, Mary is now offering "MENTORING PACKAGES" to other professionals who are hoping to add more depth to their understanding of OMDS' and how to to effectively treat them. These sessions are private and 1:1 time with Mary. 

Mentoring occurs in blocks of time.  Small and large blocks of time are available. Clinicians purchasing the time determine how it is spent. 


Contact: mary@billingsspeech.com 
for more information